Wholesale Distribution of Sunbake

We are the largest bakery distribution service in Manchester, home to several top bread brands and offering all of our customers with a service that is prompt and professional at all times. We place a great amount of pride in the work that we do and are dedicated to serving Manchester and the surrounding areas with a distribution service that is second to none. We have a number of brands designed to be sold in local convenience stores that have been made specifically for the Manchester area. Among these varieties, we provide wholesale distribution of Sunbake Bread

We supply and distribute Sunbake to our customers as a unique offering, as they cannot be found in major supermarkets. Instead, they are sold in local convenience shops to offer the taste and quality of a local bakery. By supporting Sunbake Bread, you are supporting local business and ensuring that your customers receive some of the tastiest and freshest bread products available. Their products offer a quality that is comparable to major brands without the price tag, and they will make the perfect alternative for you and your customer.

We deliver six days a week and offer wholesale distribution of Sunbake Bread and various other brands to over six hundred customers within the Greater Manchester area. We have earned an outstanding reputation for our work; we have been providing this service since 1990 and offering our customers a level of commitment and care that large, nationwide distributors can’t provide. All deliveries are based and timed in regards to the customer’s preferences, ensuring that all requirements are met and that our customers are never left with too much or too little stock. A family run business whose heart lies in Manchester, you can be completely assured that our team has the interests of your business in mind.